Use to Do - Meaning ,Examples and Exercises

Use to Do - Meaning ,Examples and Exercises

Use to Do

1- Use to Do in English:

- We use use to to express a past action on a fact that is not true any more .

2- Structure of Used to do:

a- Affirmative:

Subject + Used To + Verb 

b- Negative:

Subject + Did  not +Verb

c -Interrogative:

Did + Subject + Use +Verb

3- Use to Do Examples:

A- The Past:

She used to work in a shop.
He used to watch a lot of TV.

They used to be married.

There used to be a cinema here.

didn't use to go shopping

Did you use to smoke?

B- The Present:

Now she works in a bank.

Now he doesn't watch much TV.

Now they are divorced.

Now there is a supermarket here.

Now I go shopping

We do not used to with the expression be used to because that have different meanings.

4- Difference Between Be Used to and Used to:

a- When we use BE USED TO?:

-Be used to should always be followed by ”ING” and it refers to actions that we have just been familiar or accustomed to doing them. We didn’t in the past.

b- When we use USED TO?:

-“Used to” should be used with past time habits that we had in the past but that we no more do or have them now.

5-Be Used to and Used to Examples:

 Sarah  is used to smoking  cigarettes.

 (she didn’t in the past but now she starts smoking)

 Sarah used to smoke cigarettes.   

 (she had the habit of smoking in the past but now she stopped)

4- Use to Do Exercises :

Use to Do - Grammar Quiz

  1. I-----------to play football when I was at child

  2. used

  3. She didn't use to smoke

  4. use

  5. She--------to watch a lot of movies.

  6. use

  7. They ------------ to be married.

  8. used

  9. My mother didn't --------to go shopping

  10. used

  11. Did she --------to play tennis every day

  12. use

  13. Sarah ------- to study Frensh

  14. use

  15. I ------- to live in a flat when I was a child

  16. used

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