Simple Future Tense / Going to - Future

Simple Future Tense / Going to - Future

Simple Future Tense

1-The Forms of The Simple Future Tense in English :

Will / 'll + Verb 




will go

Will I go ?

will not go

He,she,it will go

Will He,she,it go?

He,she,it will not 

You will go

Will you go ?

You will not go

We will go

Will we go ?

We will  not go

They will go

Will they go?

They will not go

 2- The Uses Of The Simple Future Tenses in English :

a- Use Simple Future to talk about things or activities or acts occur in the future

  b - Whether near or distant future (of course certainly clear from the name of time)

C-So all acts accordingly, it is impossible to occur at the time of the past or present tense.

3-The Simple Future Examples :

-He will come tomorrow.

-She will travel tomorrow.

Note 1: we can say “Will + not or won’t’’ : negative.


-He won’t come tomorrow

-She will  not travel tomorrow

Note 2: we use “Shall’’ with ( I / We ) : interrogative 


Shall we go for a walk?

Shall I carry the bag for you?

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Going to - Future 

-There are 4 future forms one which is used most often in 

spoken English is “ Going to’’ , not “Will’’ .

1- The Form of Going to - Future :




I am going to do it

You are going to do it

He is going to do it

She is going to do it

It is going to do it

We are going to do it

They are going to do it

I am not going to do it

You are not going to do it

He is  not going to do it

She is  not going to do it

It is  not  going to do it

We are not  going to do it

They are not going to do it

Am I going to do it?

Are you going to do it?

Is he going to do it?

Is she going to do it?

Is it going to do it?

Are we going to do it?

Are they going to do it?

2- The Uses Of Going to - Future :

Going to usage :

1- Expressing something that is certain to happen in the future.

Example :

- It is going to rain

2-Talking about a plan or decision you have made before 

the time of speaking

Example :

-She is cold,she is going to put the heater on

3-when you want to make a prediction based on evidence

 we can see now.

 Example :

- You look so tired.You are going to stop work soon

Note You can replace "Going to " = by Going

            -   Im going out so soon

👉 Simple Future Tense Exercises:

Exercise Simple Future Tense -Grammar Tests 

  1. You --------- a beautiful woman.

  2. will meet/
    ll meet
  3. You ---------- a lot of money.

  4. will get
    will got
  5. My parent--------- around the world.

  6. will travel
    will traveld
  7. I ---------- amazing car.

  8.  will buy
  9. Everything------------alright

  10. be
    will be
  11. I-------- a lot of money.

  12. will earn
    will earning
  13. Many people ---------- you.

  14. will served
     will serve
  15. Everybody ---------- my sister .

  16. will adore
    will adored
  17. We------- this together

  18. will do
    will doing
  19. Next year-------- so exciting.

  20.  will be
    will being

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