Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses

Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses

1-Restrictive and Nonrestrictive in English:

The relative clause is generally introduced by the relative pronouns: 

 'Who', ' Which', 'Whom','Whose',or 'That'
- And by relative adverbs 

'When', 'Where', 'Why'

2-The Relative Pronouns Uses and Examples :

A- Pronoun WHO / THAT:

 Used to : People

Example :

Sarah , Who / That takes my book is my best friend

B- Pronoun Which:

   Used to : Things or Animals
Example :

 Jerry is the mouse Which Tom hates most

C- Pronoun Whose:

 Used to : Possession

 Example :

This is Mr Adam , Whose son works in our office.

3-The Relative Adverb Uses and Examples :

A- Pronoun When:

    Used to : Time

 Example :

Perhaps is this month When my grandfather death.

B- Pronoun Where:

Used to : Place

Example :

That is the home Where I live

C- Pronoun Why:

Used to : Reason

Example :

Jobless is the reason why many people travel abroad.

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Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Exercises:

1-Restrictive and Nonrestrictive - Grammar Quiz

  1. Camilla, Who takes my car is my best friend

  2. Restrictive
  3. Adam, that takes my book is my friend

  4. Nonrestrictive
  5. Laila, Who takes my book is my best friend

  6. Nonrestrictive
  7. those are the cookies that I made for the praty

  8. Restrictive
  9. This is Mr Karim, Whose son works in our project

  10. Restrictive
  11. That is the home Where I live

  12. Nonrestrictive
  13. I think is this month When my grandmother death

  14. Nonrestrictive
  15. Jerry is the mouse Which Tom hates most

  16. Nonrestrictive
  17. the girl , Who takes my bag is my sister

  18. Restrictive

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