Reported Speech (Indirect Speech)

Reported Speech (Indirect Speech)

1- Reported Speech in English:

 the Reported Speech or 'Indirect Speech'use when we are telling what someone says or said .

2- Reported Speech Uses:

I-We use the Reported Speech when the reporting verb maybe in the Present or in the Past.

a- If it is in the present tense,there are no tense changes  .

b- If it is in the past tense, there are tense, person and place changes.

3- Reported Speech ( Indirect Speech) Examples:

Direct speech :

 Mary : “ I am a teacher ”

Reported speech ( Present ) :

 Mary says ( that ) she is a teacher .

Reported speech ( Past ) :

 Mary said ( that ) she was a teacher .

II- To report a statement we use the reporting verbs :

 a - Say + something :

 Camilla said she liked being a mother

  b - Tell + someone + something :

Camilla told me she liked being a mother

III-  Other reporting verbs :

Claim , explain , reply , announce , declare and promise .

Note : The conjunction “ That’’ can be omitted

4- Reported Speech Rules:

You should to mind about the type of sentences when you use Reported Speech,types are :

5-Reported Imperatives ( Indirect Imperatives )

I- Imperative clause change into infinitive clause preceded by a verb like :

Warn , order , tell , command , advise and recommend .

6-Reported Imperatives Examples :

Mother : “ Take care .’’

The mother recommended her son to take care .

II- Negative Imperatives ( Not ) goes before the infinitive .

7-Negative Imperatives Examples :

Teacher : “ Don’t make stupid mistakes in the exam.’’

The teacher advised his students not to make stupid mistakes in the exam .

8-Reported Questions ( Indirect Questions ).

I-When we report questions we can use the reporting verbs :

            Want to know , ask , inquire and wonder .
II- In reported questions we use the same word order as in statement : Subject + Verb  .

9-Questions in Reported Speech Examples :

      Sarah : “ How are you ?’’

      Sarah asked Camilla how she was .

III- Yes / No questions : are reported with if or whether

 Examples :

Sarah : “ Do you have a dream car , Camilla ? ’’

Sarah asked Camilla if / whether she had a dream car .

IV - Wh – Questions are reported with the same question word used in the direct question .

Examples :

Sarah : “ Which one do you prefer , Camilla ?’’

Sarah asked Camilla which one she preferred 

10-Reported Commands and Requests:

I- Commands and Requests  are Formed :

To + infinitive ( Affirmative )

Not + to + infinitive ( Negative)

Commands Examples :

- Commands ( Affirmative ) : 

👉 Do your homework

👉 My mother told me to do my homework .

Commands ( Negative) : 

👉 Don’t play in the street.

👉 "Mother told her child not to play "

 Requests Examples:

Request ( Affirmative ) : 

👉  Could you close the door please.

👉  He  asked me to close the door .

-Request ( Negative) :

👉 Would you mind not closing the door.

👉 She requested me.

11-Exceptions Reported Speech:

1-Blame :

 👉 It is your fault you should have closed the door 

 👉 He blamed him for not having closed the door.

2-Suggest :

 👉 “What about going out together.’’

  👉  He suggested going out together.

3-Apologize for :

 👉  “I’m sorry I’m late .’’

 👉  She apologize for being late .

4 - Confess :

👉 “I’am responsible , I spoil the meeting.’’

👉 She confessed having spoil the meeting.

5-Describe …as :

👉 “She is nice and pretty.”

 👉 They described her as a nice and pretty .

12- Table for Change in Tense of Reported Speech for all Tenses:

Direct Speech
Reported Speech
Present Simple                                  
Sarah said : I want to be a teacher

Present Continuous

"Iam going to the party’’,Sarah said

Simple Past

Tala : “ I worked as cook in a hotel’’

Present Perfect

Sarah : “ tala has given up her job’’

PresentPerfect Continuous

“I have been writing my review”
Adam said.


Sarah said : “ I will be a teacher someday’’

Modals: can,may,must

The teacher said : “ You can do this homework guys’’

Tala said “ I must find a job’’

Sarah said “ Adam may go to the party’’
Simple Past

Sarah said ( that) she wanted to be ateacher

Past continuous

Sarah said (that) she was going to
the party.

Past Perfect

Tala said that she had worked as a cooker in a hotel

Past Perfect

Sarah said( that) tala had given up her job

Past Perfect  Continuous

Adam said that he had been writing
his review


Sarah said that she would be a
teacher someday

Had to ; could ; might

The teacher said guys could do that homework

Tala said that she had to find a job

Sarah said that Adam might go to the party

Pay attention :

a- The verb used to and the models would , could , should and might to do not change in the Reported speech

b- Verbs in the Past Continuous ,Past Perfect and Conditional undergo no tense change

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