Present Progressive / Continuous

Present Progressive / Continuous

The Present Continuous /Progressive

1- The Form of The Present Continuous Tense in English :

The verb to be (am,is,are) +verb+ing




I am working

Am I working?

I am not working

He is working

Is he working?

He is not working

She is working

Is she working?

She is not working

It is working

Is it working?

It is not working

You are working

Are you working?

You are not working

We are working

Are we working?

We are not working

They are working

Are they working?

They are not working

2-The Uses Of The Present Continuous Tense:

a-Event is happening now , continuously during the speech

3-The Present Continuous Examples :

  -      Now, he is writing a report.

  -      At the moment she is ironing the shirts.

b- Event in the future has been planned before

Examples :

-We are traveling tomorrow.

-Every thing is arranged.Adam marrying next monday

4- There are some verbs which are normally not used in the present continuous :

 Examples :

smell ,like,want,love,hate,see,seem,be,wish,think,hear,understand

-So we can not say :Sarah is wanting to buy a new house

-The correct one is :Sarah wants to buy a new house.

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šŸ‘‰ Present Progressive /
Continuous Exercises:

Exercise Present Progressive / Continuous -Grammar Tests :

  1. I -------------dinner now.

  2. am making

  3. Look! My parent --------- home.

  4. comeing
    are coming

  5. They -------English at the moment.

  6. are speaking
    is speak

  7. I -----------in the house now.

  8. wait
    am waiting

  9. My brother -----------to music.

  10. are listening
     is listening

  11. My mother ----------- the kitchen .

  12. are cleaning
    is cleaning

  13. They ---------- TV at the moment

  14. watch
    are watching

  15. I ------------video games at the moment

  16. plays
    am playing

  17. Listen! my parent -------

  18.  are talking
    is talking

  19. Look! Sarah ----------- in the office

  20. are working
    is working

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