Present Perfect Simple

Present Perfect Simple

1- The Form of The Present Perfect Tense:

Have / Has + Past Participle 




I have worked

I have not worked

Have you worked

2-The Present Perfect Tense Examples:

-Sarah has had excellent grades this years.

-You have seen  that film anytime  

-Have you went to work last day ?

-You have not went to work last day.

3-The Uses Of The Present Perfect Simple Tense :

b - Expresses the event appeared and ended in the past, but its impact on the present

Examples :

-I have lost my key.

-He has just arrived.

- Expresses the event appeared in the past and is still going until now

Examples :

-I have lived in Japan  for 19 years = I still live in Japan

- I lived in Japan for 19 years = I live somewhere else now.

c- Use Lately - Recently : to mean that something has happened since soon but did not specify the time.

Examples :

-I haven't  seen her lately.

d- Use just  already –   Evidence used yet in  The question in exile.

Examples :

-I have already phoned the doctor.

I haven't phoned the doctor yet

 -Have you yet finished your homework?

Examples :

-Have you ever been to Iceland ?

 -No, I have never been to Iceland .

e - Grades :


Note A : If you want to say someone went to a place and returned it we use:

Has + Have been to + place 

Examples :

 -He has been to London (now he is in japan)

Note B : If you want to say someone went to a place and is still there , we use :

Has + have gone to + place

Examples :

-She has gone to Italy (She is still there).

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