Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Simple

1- The Form of The Past Perfect Simple Tense:

Had + Past Participle Form




had played

Had  I played ?

had not played

2-The Uses Of The Past Perfect Simple Tense:

A-The past perfect is used for an action which finished in the past and whose result was visible in the past .

B- One action was completed before another action in the past .

The Past Perfect Simple Examples :

-He arrived after we had had dinner.

-She had learned Japanese before she went to Japan.

- I passed the exam because I had worked hard.

- It had started to rain by 8 am yesterday.

- He had watched the film before he went to bed .

Pay attention :

- we use past perfect for the first action and simple past 

For the second action for example :

-(First)he watched the film, and then he went to 

bed. (After) .

First action we use past perfect : watched the film

- 2nd action we use past simple : went to bed

👉 Past Perfect Simple Exercises:

Choose the verbs into the correct form (past perfect simple):

Exercise Past Perfect Simple - Grammar Tests :

  1. Sarah could not remember the lyrics we -----------the day before.

  2. had learn
    had learned

  3. I ate all of the pizza that my mum -----

  4. had made
    had make

  5. ------ -----Sarah before she went to see her in Spain ?

  6. Camilla had phoned
    Had Camilla phoned

  7. They --------- so we went to a restaurant.

  8. had not eat
    hadn't eaten

  9. My brother --- -------his work, so he was in trouble.

  10. had do
    hadn't done

  11. He said that he -----------the Japan before

  12. hadn't visited
    had not visit

  13. If you ------------- to your friend , you would have got the job.

  14. had listened
    listen had

  15. Sarah told me she --------- a lot before the exam.

  16.  had stud
     had studied

  17. My father didn't arrive until after I ------

  18. had left
    had leave

  19. He---------- in China before he went to Thailand

  20. had lived
    had living 

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