Past Perfect Continuous / Progressive

Past Perfect Continuous / Progressive

1-The Form of The Past Perfect Continuous  Tense English:




had been played

Had been played?

had not been played

2-The Uses Of The Past Perfect Continuous Tenses:

a- We use the Past Perfect Progressive (P.P.P) to focus on the continuity of the first during a period of time  before another action in the past.

3-The Past Perfect Continuous Examples:

-The kids were very tired, because they had been playing  all afternoon .

- Before they reached an arrangement , the had been arguing for about one hour .

- I had been studding English for 4 years, before coming the U .S. A.

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👉 Past Perfect Continuous / Progressive Exercises:

Exercise : Past Perfect Continuous / Progressive or Past simple -Grammar Tests :

  1. How long --------------French before he went to France?

  2.  had she been learning
     had he been learning

  3. They ---------- for 12 hours when I woke them up.

  4. had been sleep
    had been sleeping

  5. I -------------all day; so I wasn't tired and went to the party

  6. had been working
    had not been working

  7. I ----------- Sarah yesterday, but she had been running so she was too tired to talk.

  8. saw

  9. She had been drinking coffee all morning. By lunchtime, she ------ really strange!

  10. felt

  11. They ------------- all day so when we met they were exhausted.

  12. had been worked
    had been working

  13. Karam _________ for a big house, so he was really pleased when he got one.

  14. had been hoping
    had hoping

  15. I had been waiting for 2 hours so I was really glad when the bus finally -----.

  16. had been arriving

  17. The kids were very tired, because they ---------all afternoon

  18. had been playing
    had been plays

  19. I had been studding English for 5 years, before ------the U .S. A.

  20. had been coming

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