Past Continuous / Progressive Tense

 Past Continuous / Progressive Tense

1- The Form of The Past Continuous Tense in English: 




I  was playing     

He   was playing

She  was playing 

It  was playing 

You  were playing

We  were playing

They were playing

Was playing?

Was he playing?

Was she playing?

Was it playing?

were you playing ?

were we playing ?

were they playing 

I   was not playing

He was not playing

She was not playing

It  was not playing

You were not playing

We were not playing

They were not playing

2- The Uses Of The Past Continuous Tense in English:

a-The Past Continuous tense expresses action at particular moment in the past

 b-The action started before that moment but has not finished at that moment.

3-The Past Continuous Tense Examples:

-       It was snowing at 7 am yesterday

c- When a short action took place, at a very precise moment


-       Sarah was sleeping when the phone range

-       We were watching a movie when he arrived

d-When we use the Past Continuous tense, our listener 

usually knows or understands what time we are talking about.

For examples:

-       My mother was cooking when I telephoned her

-       We were having breakfast when it started to snow

 Past Continuous + Past Simple:

e-We often use the Past Continuous tense with the Past Simple tense

- We use the Past Continuous to express a long action. And  we use the Past Simple to express a short action that happens in the middle of the long action.

 -We can join the two ideas with when or while .

Following this Examples:

  -I was cooking when you telephoned.

    -       When you telephoned was cooking

    -       While I was cooking  you telephoned.

    -       While  you telephoned was cooking.

Note :

 -While + long action ( Past Continuous )
 -When short action ( Past Simple)

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👉 Past Continuous Tense Exercises:

Past Continuous / Progressive Tense -Grammar Tests :

  1. I--------------the piano when my father came home.

  2. was practicing
    were practicing
  3. What---------------- yesterday?

  4. were you doing
    was you do
  5. While Sarah was working in her room, her brother ----------- the guitar .

  6. were playing
    was playing
  7. My mother------------- when I telephoned her

  8.  was cooking
  9. Most of the time they--------- in the office

  10. were sitting
    were sit
  11. When I arrived, My sister Sarah ---------- Monopoly .

  12. were playing
    was playing
  13. We---------- English yesterday at 2:00 pm.

  14. was study
     were studying
  15. Type your question8 here.

  16. choice1
  17. We were having breakfast when it --------- to snow

  18. was started
  19. I was watching a movie when he

  20. were arrived

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