Nouns and Noun Phrases

Nouns and Noun Phrases

1- Nouns in English:

-What is the name ?

-Name in English is: the name of a person or thing or a place or name an animal or an idea anything can be called any name it is called Noun and We must always know if there a definite and indefinite Articles " a/ an / the"  Before a specific word, it means That directly inwards is the Noun 

2- Nouns Examples in English:

dog, cats, women, Sally, justice, strength, departure , apples, England, California, Steve Young, mice ,  school, beach, kindness, food
👉 Sarah and Camilla made a pie 

 3- Form Nouns in English:

The names of people + Something

 4-Nouns Phrases in English:

We often want to give more information about  nouns , One way to do this is to use an adjective


 a fat dog
 a rich tourist
 a beautiful house
 an American car

- We can also give more information after the noun. We can do this by using a prepositional phrase .

 5-Nouns Phrases Examples:

👉  tourists from America
👉 people with lots of money
👉 the children in the school 

-We can also give more information about nouns by using a participle clause.


👉 People living in the country

👉 The man sitting in the park

👉 Magazines lying on the floor 

-These noun phrases can be used as the subject or object of a sentence in the same way as single word nouns: Subject - Verb - Phrase .


👉 John went to the beach.

 👉 Tourists from America love visiting old European  cities.

👉 The man sitting in the park asked me the time.

 👉Children arriving at school for the first time are often very nervous

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