List of 100 Idioms About Money With Their Meaning | Idiomatic Expressions

List of 100 Idioms About Money With Their Meaning | Idiomatic Expressions

A- This is a List of 100 Idioms About Money With Their Meaning:

1-Above par

 - Over average, on top of traditional, over the face worth of a bond or stock or currency.

2- Almighty Dollar

- cash once it's viewed as additional vital than anything Ante up.

- to pay cash, to supply a necessary quantity of cash .

3 -As phony as a three-dollar bill

- phony, not real as poor as a church mouse

- terribly poor

4- As sound as a dollar

- terribly secure and dependable at a premium

- at the next value than usual due to one thing special

5-at all costs

- at any expense of your time or effort or cash

6-Bottom Line

- the ultimate result, the most purpose

7-Bottom Out

- to achieve the bottom purpose

8-Bread and Butter

- one's financial gain, the supply of someone's food

9-Break Even

- to possess financial gain capable expenses

10- Break The Bank

- to win all the money at a casino gambling table, to use all of one's cash

11-Bring home the bacon
- to earn the family living, to earn a wage

12-Burn a hole in one's pocket

- to stimulate somebody to pay cash quickly

11- Buy off 

- to relinquish cash to somebody to prevent them from doing their duty

12- By check

- to shop for one thing cheaply can take something to the bank

- by employing a check

11- Cash and carry

- mercantilism one thing for money solely and with no delivery

12- Cash in something

- to exchange coupons or bonds for his or her worth in cash

13-Cash in on

- to form cash from a chance

14-Cash in one's chips

- to exchange or sell one thing to induce some cash (from the chips utilized in a poker game)

15- Cash on the barrel head
- cash paid in money once one thing is bought

16- Caught short

- to not have enough cash once you want it

17- Cheapskate

- someone WHO won't pay abundant cash, a stingy person

18- Chicken feed

- a tiny low quantity of cash

19- Chip in

- to contribute cash for one thing, to pay collectively for one thing

20- Chisel someone out of something

- to cheat somebody to induce cash or one thing

21- Clean up

- to form lots of cash, to form an enormous profit

22- Dirt cheap

- very low-cost

23- Dollar for dollar

- considering the price

24- Down-and-out

- having no cash

25- Draw interest

- (for money) to earn interest whereas it's on deposit at a bank

26- Dutch treat

- a scenario wherever all and sundry pays his or her own share of the expenses easy money

- cash that you just don't have to be compelled to work flat out to induce

27- Face value

- the worth or value written on a stamp or bond or folding money

28- a fast buck

- cash that's earned quickly and simply (and generally dishonestly)

29- Feed the kitty

- to contribute cash to a special assortment

30- Feel like a million dollars/bucks

- to feel marvelous, to feel well and healthy

31- Flat broke

- to possess no cash the least bit

32 -Float a loan

- to induce a loan, to rearrange for a loan
a fool and his money are soon parted

33- Foot the bill

- if an individual acts foolishly with cash he or she is going to shortly behave

34-For a song

- at a coffee value, cheaply

35-Get along on a shoestring

- to be able to continue to exist little cash

36- get one's money's worth

- to urge everything (or even slightly more) that one has obtained

37- give (someone) a blank check

- to let somebody act as they need or as they suppose is critical (like a ensure has the number left blank)

38- give (someone) a run for their money

- to relinquish somebody a challenge, to relinquish somebody what they merit

39- go broke

- to lose all of one`s cash, to become bankrupt

40- go Dutch

- to share within the price of a meal or another event

41- go to the expense (of doing something)

- to pay the price of doing one thing

42- going rate

- this rate

43- gravy train

- employment or some work that pays quite it's value

44- a handout

- a present of cash (usually from the government)

45- hard up

- to not have a lot of cash

46- have money to burn

- to fire tips or cash

47-have sticky fingers

- to own noticeably cash, to own more cash than is required

48- have the Midas touch

- to be stealing cash from a corporation or a corporation

49- He who pays the piper calls the tune.

- to be a malefactor

50-head over heels in debt

- to own the flexibility to form cash simply (King Midas turned everything that he touched into gold)

51- heads or tails

- to not have a lot of cash

52- highway robbery

- the one that pays for one thing has management over however the money is employed

53- hit pay dirt

- to be deeply in debt

54- hit the jackpot

- the face of a coin or the opposite facet of the coin

55- in the money

- to be rich, to suddenly get lots of cash

56- in the red

- to be unprofitable, to be losing cash, to be in debt

57-jack up the price (of something)

- to boost the worth of one thing

58-keep books

- to stay records of cash that's attained and spent

59-keep the wolf from the door

- to earn enough cash to keep up oneself at a negligible level of existence


- cash paid lawlessly for favorable treatment
-last of the big spenders

61- lay away money

- a dry thanks to describe somebody United Nations agency pays lots of cash for one thing (although he or she might not wish to spend it)

62-lay out (money)

- to save lots of cash

63-layaway plan

- to pay or pay cash

64- let the buyer beware

- an idea within which one pays some cash as a downpayment and so pays a bit additional once one is in a position and also the store holds the products till the complete value is paid

65- live beyond one's means

- let the one that buys one thing check to examine if the merchandise is in condition or has no issues

66-live from hand to mouth

- to pay more cash than you'll be able to afford

67- live high off/on the hog

- to measure on very little cash

68- live within one's means

- to own the simplest of everything, to measure in nice comfort

69- loaded

- to pay no more cash than one has

70-look like a million dollars

- to own ample cash

71- lose money hand over fist

- to seem excellent

72- lose one`s shirt

- to lose cash quick and in massive amounts

73-make good money

- to earn an outsized quantity of cash

74- make money hand over fist

- to form cash quick and in giant amounts

75-money burns a hole in (someone's) pocket

- somebody spends cash terribly quickly, somebody is stirred up to pay cash quickly

76-money doesn't grow on trees

- cash is effiacious and you ought to not waste it

77-money is no object

- it doesn't matter what proportion one thing prices

78-(one's) money is on (someone)

- you think that that somebody can win a contest or sports event etc.

79- money is the root of all evil

- cash causes most issues or wrongdoings in life

80- money talks

- cash provides one the ability to induce or do what he or she needs

81-nest egg

- the cash that somebody has stored-up

82- nickel and dime (someone)

- to charge several little quantitys of cash (which eventually equal an outsized amount of money)

83-not for love nor money

- not for all the world (no matter what the quantity or price)

84- on a budget

- with AN quantity of cash that you simply will or need to pay for one thing

85- on a dime

- {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very little area

86- on a shoestring

- with very little cash to pay, on a awfully low budget

87-on credit

- exploitation credit to shop for one thing

88- on sale

- purchasable at a reduced value

89-time is money

- time is efficacious therefore don't waste it

90-turn on a dime

- flip|to show} terribly} very tight turn, to alter directions or circumstances during a short time

91-two bits

- twenty-five cents, 1 / 4 of a dollar

92-two cents (worth)

- one's comments or opinion

93- up the ante

- to extend your demands or quantity|the quantity|the number} that you just pay for one thing (the ante is that the amount of cash every player puts on the table before beginning a game of cards or poker)

94- (not) worth a cent/dime/a red cent/a plugged nickel/two cents

- to be not value something, to be not of any worth

95- worth its weight in gold

- to be terribly valuable

96-worth one`s salt

- to be value what one is paid

97-get one's money's worth

- to get everything (or even a little more) that one has paid for

98-give (someone) a blank check

- to let someone act as they want or as they think is necessary (like a check that has the amount left blank)

99-give (someone) a run for their money

- to give someone a challenge, to give someone what they deserve

100- go broke

- to lose all of one`s money, to become bankrupt

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