Indefinite articles- (a /an)

Indefinite Articles (a/an)

First of all you need to be capable to compare between vowels and Consonant Letters

-Vowels letters :  A E I O U Y

-Semi Vowel : (Y) " because it is easy to utter those words"

Here are some examples : 

Sky - Try - Shy - By - Baby - Funny etc

-Consonant Letters : B C D F G H J K I M N P Q R S T V W X Z

1- Indefinite Articles in English:

We use the indefinite article in general with unknown things " Not Sure"

A = consonant / An = vowels
2- Indefinite Articles Examples:

a car - a man - a hat - a cap - a pen .
an apple - an actor - an engineer .

Note from the above examples:

- Indefinite article (a) : Come before a countable nouns begins : consonant letter

- Indefinite article (an) : Come before a single noun begins : vowel letter
Examples: computer - an engineer

We use  the indefinite article before the singular noun when we want to refer to this name in general like:

👉  A child needs protection
- we do not mean one child,but children in general.

We use  the indefinite article a/an: the first time we talk about something we use a /an but if you repeat it use The

3-Indefinite Articles a/an,The Examples:

👉 I live in a building.The building went an fire 

👉 She goes to a school.The school is far from her home.

Note : we use The with superlatives,conditional, numbers and proper nouns.

 We use  the indefinite article a/an before job names : 

👉 She is a teacher.
👉 He is an actor.

 We use  the indefinite article a/an  in an exclamation mark:

👉 What an interesting lesson !

3- A/an With Examples:

👉 I was born in a beautiful city.

👉 have you got a pen ?

👉 John had an omelette for lunch.

👉 Indefinite Articles a/an Exercises:

Indefinite articles- (a /an)-Grammar Quiz

Choose A, AN for "Indefinite articles", then click the "Check" button to check your answers.

  1. computer

  2. a

  3. onion

  4. an

  5. hour

  6. an

  7. hat

  8. a

  9. engineer

  10. a

  11. apple

  12. an

  13. car

  14. a

  15. lion

  16. a

  17. million

  18. a

  19. child

  20. a

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