Had Better in English

Had Better in English

Had Better 

1- Uses Had Better in English:

a-We Use Had Better :  Advice about a specific command in addition to what is the meaning of words varies between suggestion or point of view to a phrase that should be done in something .

b-Includes in its meaning and threat warning of the possibility of bad results 

2- Had Better Formulation:

-Had Better Positive form:

Had Better + Infinitive "Without To"

3- Had Better Examples:

👉 I'd better get back to home

  I'd better to get back to work 

 👉 Sarah'd bettetell her mother the truth

👉 You’d better get a taxi. The buses are so slow

-Had Better negative form: Had better not.


👉 I'd better not come

👉 You'd better not say the truth

c-We use Had better to give advice about specific situations , not general ones

Note : If  you want to talk about general situations , you have to use  "Should"


👉 I shouldn't give up 

👉 You should study harder.

👉 Had Better Exercises:

Had Better -Grammar Quiz

  1. They had better----- here before we start dinner

  2. be
    to be
  3. You had better -------your brother with you

  4. take
    to take
  5. You had better ----------to her

  6. not talk
    not to talk
  7. you had better------ mother's day gift.

  8. to forget
     not forget
  9. We had better ------ late.

  10. not be
    to be not
  11. she had better her umbrella with her today

  12. to take
  13. You study harder

  14. should
    had better
  15. I'd better back to home

  16. to get
  17. You had better------- in the hotel

  18. stay
    not to stay
  19. I had better this work soon

  20. to finish

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