Future Perfect Continuous / Progressive

Future Perfect Continuous / Progressive

1- The Form of The Future Perfect Continuous Tense:

Will have been + verb + ing 

2- The Uses Of The Future Perfect Continuous Tense:

1-The Future Perfect Continuous : action that will have started 

-Will have continued for some time and will still be in progress in the future either

a- Before a specific moment , or before another action takes place

b- Some expression used in the future perfect continuous:

All day , for 3 hours ,for a few hours,for 4 years

3-The Future Perfect Continuous Tense Examples:

-We will have been working for 5 hours by the time she returns  

- He will have been flying to japan for a few hours by this time tomorrow

- She will have been studying English for two years next month 

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👉 Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises:

Exercise:Future Perfect Continuous / Progressive -Grammar Tests :

  1. I ------------ here for 5 years next month.

  2. will been living
    will have been living
  3. I---------- English for 2 years when I take the exam.

  4. will have been studying
    will have been studs

  5. the kids ---------football , so they’ll be tried .

  6. will have been playing
    will have playing

  7. We ----------, so we’ll want to go to bed early.

  8. will have been traveled
    will have been travelling

  9. We-------here for 20 years next week.

  10. will have been live
    will have been living

  11. they ---------- for 3 hours at 10 pm .

  12. will have been sleeping
    will have been sleep

  13. He ----------on the phone for the last couple of hours.

  14. will have been talks
    will have been talking

  15. Will he -------------for 3 hours?

  16. have been waiting
    will have been waiting

  17. By the end of the month he----------------here for 3 weeks with me

  18.  will have been works
     will have been working

  19. My father -------------, so he ’ll be tired.

  20. will have been working
    will have been work

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