Future Continuous / Progressive

Future Continuous / Progressive

1- The Form of The Future Continuous / Progressive Tense:

Will be + Verb + ing

Note: Will be playing = ‘LL be playing.
-Will not = won’t .

2- The Uses Of The Future Continuous Progressive Tense:

a- Future continuous is used to indicate action which will be taking place at some time in the future

>>> Future Simple 

3-The Future Continuous Progressive Tense Examples:
- I will be working on my project this night

-We will be watching the film next Sunday afternoon

-He will be working tomorrow morning

- She will be flying in a few minutes

When I arrive , my child will be sleeping

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👉 Future Continuous / Progressive Tense Exercises:

Exercise Future Continuous / Progressive -Grammar Tests:

  1. We ------------- all night.

  2.  will be dancing
     will be dance
  3. He--------------- all day.

  4. will be working
    will not working
  5. ----------- to Los-Angles ?

  6. he will be driving
    Will he be driving
  7. The kids -----------all afternoon.

  8.  will not be play
     will not be playing
  9. At 4 o'clock tomorrow, I ---------- at the gym.

  10. will be exercise
    'll be exercising
  11. At 2 o'clock tomorrow, they ---------- ready to go out.

  12. will be got
    'll be getting
  13. At 4 o'clock tomorrow, she---------- in my office.

  14. will be working
    'll be works
  15. At 10 o'clock I ------------- to Spain .

  16. will be travelling
    will be traveled
  17. ----------- sleeping?

  18. you will be
    Will you be
  19. we --------------- on Sunday. You can join us

  20. will leaves be
    will be leaving 

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