Conditional Sentences, If Causes Type 0,1,2,3

Conditional Sentences, If Causes Type 0,1,2,3

Before we know the types of conditional sentences, we first recognize their composition:

The conditional sentence consists of two sentences linked to the If :

If-clause and main clause

- Examples :

👉 It is easier to relax, if you close your eyes .

If-clause : It is easier to relax if,

Main clause : You close your eyes .

- There are four cases of if-clause:

>>>  Zero Conditional

>>>  Conditional Type 1

>>>  Conditional Type 2

>>>  Conditional Type 3

1- Zero Conditional in English:

 A- Uses Zero Conditional : a fact something that is always true .

B- Formulation : If +Present Simple = Present Simple

- Example :

👉 If you touch a fire, you get burned.

If-clause : If you touch a fire,

Main clause : You get burned .

2-  Zero Conditional Examples:

👉 You die if you don't drink water .

👉 If you heat ice,it melts .

👉 If you eat too much, you get fat.

👉 Cats bite if they are scared.

3- Conditional Type 1 in English:

 A- Uses Conditional Type 1 :we use on a present or future situation of higher probability .

B- Formulation : If +present Simple = Future Simple

- Examples :

👉 If you studies hard,you will pass the exams.

If-clause : If you studies hard,

Main clause : you will pass the exams.

4- Conditional Type 1 Examples:

 👉 If I see Camilla tomorrow , I will speak to her

👉 I will not let him in , if he is late again .

Note :
The verb act the condition in the present tense and not the future, although we are talking about the possibility of the future action.

5- More Conditional Type 1 Examples:

👉 If he doesn’t take care, he will fall in the hole.

👉 We will go to the beach if it is sunny.

👉 If you promise me, I won’t tell anyone.

👉 I’ll buy a house if I have money.

👉 If she catch the 8:30 train, she will arrive on time. 

6- Conditional Type 2 in English:

 A- Uses Conditional Type 2 :we use it a present or future situation of low probability

B- Formulation : If + Past Simple = Would do.

- Examples :

👉 If had money,I would buy a car.

If-clause : If had money,

Main clause : would buy a car.

7- Conditional Type 2 Examples:

- I don't often see Lauren

👉 If I saw her tomorrow , I would speak to her.

Note :Law or zero probability always use "WERE" for example :

- we use " were" with the pronouns : I,He,She,it

-  I am not a lawyer

👉 If I were a law I wouldn't take on this case .

👉 If I were you, I would buy that house.

👉  What would you do if you were a billionaire?  

8- Conditional Type 3 in English:

 A- Uses Conditional Type 3:The third case of conditional sentence is used to express a position contrary to what happened in the past

B- Formulation : If +Would have + P.P= P.P

- Example :

👉 You would have won if you had worked hard.

If-clause : You would have won if,

Main clause : you had worked hard.

7- Conditional Type 3 Examples:

👉 If they had studied hard, they would have succeeded.

👉 would not have met my brother if I hadn’t gone to Rome.

👉 If you had trained hard, you would have won the game.


main clause
Time expressed
Zero conditional
present simple
present simple
1st conditional

present simple

will / won’t

present / future
2nd conditional
simple past
would / wouldn’t
3rd conditional
perfect past
would have + P.P
wouldn’t have + P.P
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