What is Novel ? Definition | Types | Examples

What is Novel ? Definition | Types | Examples

1- Definition of  Novel in Literature :

The novel is that the largest forms of stories in terms of length, however the length isn't the sole characteristic of the novel regarding the story and short stories , novel represents the time and the atmosphere of any that have a dimension in time and another spatially and possibly increasing the dimension of your time and take life hero or age generations serial as we see within the trio 'Naguib Mahfouz' , as well as novel war and peace author , as wells respect for when spatial novel accommodate   .

Several places are transmitted from one continent to a different and figure within the novel is of nice importance , the author ought to be based on the multiple ways that the story and sometimes he uses a narrative vogue direct and at alternative times makes the characters decomposition of every alternative and typically a third leaves the figures bestowed its ideas , no doubt that the dialogue contains a key role within the novel , however this could be a powerful indication of the middle replete with personal feeling and movement in numerous scenes of the story .

Some researchers believe that the novel and the story is one factor believe that the distinction between them is attributable to however close every of really touching , novel adheres imaging .

Mystery events and personalities whereas the story doesn't see anything wrong prevail together with fiction as if depicting events piercing isn't doable to fall , or personalities huge don't we tend to encounter essentially.

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