How to Improve Your Writing Skills in English?

How to Improve Your Writing Skills in English?

- There is no doubt that the main reason for not taking the writing  hobby when many young people due to the idea that recalled those 

of some writers that writing talent , as that would make young people understand to be either writing  talent or may not be . 

- Therefore many of them are not trying to write absolutely, and if some have tried , it does not continue to try for a long time  , and if some of the top writers said that the others say that the talent in writing does not represent only a part of the ten parts , and the nine other parts represented in the practice of writing itself in patience does not know boredom .

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- The thing that is no doubt that the writing is usually well as gaining practice gaining any other habit.

- We did not know in the history of writing long a writer is born unable to write without practiced long . If there are those who say that writing is difficult, the difficulty comes from it thinking , and thinking hard , but we get used to it when it becomes so easy . 

- What holds true for thinking of writing as well as it does not become a long practice in which the difficulty .We can get used to taking writing . We practice in our free time we practice as any other  . 

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- We may find it difficult in the beginning but when we continue , we overcome this diffidently.

- Dialogue is the bearer of information, plot and characterization, it performs a number of vital functions for the fiction writer:

1- delineates character
2- moves the story forward
3- creates conflict, tension and suspense
4- explains what happened in the past
5- conveys emotion
6-  conveys the thoughts of the characters

Perhaps most importantly of all, dialogue between your characters brings them to life in a way that no other writing technique can.

Hearing them speak until a character speaks, all their thoughts and emotions are portrayed through someone else’s eyes, i.e. the narrator’s.

The things a character says and the way  they say them gives a much clearer insight into their character and allows the reader to make up their own mind as to what sort of person they might be.

Realistic dialogue gives immediate characterization in a way that narrative simply cannot do. As a quick test, read through the following phrases and see who you think is speaking:

1. ‘For goodness’ sake get your hair out of your eyes and stand up straight when I’m talking to you.’

2. ‘I can spare you five minutes but keep it brief.’

3. ‘Hold my hand while we cross the road.’

4. ‘Good morning, how may I help you?’

Not only dowe have an instant idea of the person speaking but we can also make an educated guess about their appearance and their expression.For no. 1, for example, the image is immediately of someone in authority, a parent or teacher, and their expression is stern, their demeanour impatient.

By contrast, example no. 4 is probably smiling and is making an effort to be polite and friendly.He or she is almost certainly dressed smartly in order to make a good impression on a potential customer.

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