2 Ways to Making Time to Write

2 Ways to Making Time to Write

One of the first rules to remember is that writers write.

- You should write something every day, even if all you do with the finished piece is tear it up and throw it away.

Writing something, anything, every day will enable you to build up the discipline and commitment required to ensure that you can produce a complete manuscript in whatever genre you choose.

- Giving yourself permission to write

- Due to a common misconception that unless you are a published novelist, you cannot be considered a ‘real ’ writer, novice authors often find it difficult to convince either their nearest and dearest or, indeed, themselves that their desire to write should be taken seriously.

- However, even the most famous authors had to start somewhere, so don’t be put off by outside pressures.

Be assured that your writing is more important than:

 1-Locking The Door:

- One successful Mills&Boon author states that, once she had made up her mind to become anovelist  she turned one room of her house into a study, locked the door and forbade anyone to enter whilst she was working

- You may not feel you have to go quite this far but it is important to set aside both a space in your home where you can work and make a regular time to write.

2-  Making Time:

 You have a demanding full-time job.

 You have a large family.

 You have to get those seedlings planted.

 You have too many other commitments.

  You’re too tired.

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