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Definite Article (The)

Definite Article (The)

In the last lesson we learned :Indefinite Articles (a/an)

Today we will complete in the part two: Definite Article (The)

1- Definite Article The in English:

We use Definite article The with a particular noun,thing or an object ...etc

2- Uses Definite Article The in English:

That both the speaker and the listener know

Definite Article The Examples :

👉 The sky is blue .
👉 I see a stars in the sky

>>> Definite Article (The) is used before a specified noun with a term that specifics this name

- Examples :

👉  The girl in red .

" The girl I'm talking about is identified as the girl in the red dress ".

>>> Definite Article (The) is used before unique objects in the universe such as:

👉 The sky - The moon - The stars - The world -  The universe - The Sun .

>>> Definite Article (The)  is used before the names of rivers, oceans, mountain ranges and deserts .

- Examples : 

👉 The Atlantic Ocean - The Sahara - The Amazon .

>>>Definite Article (The)  is used before inventions and musical instruments like : 

👉 The guitar - The computer - The piano -The internet - The flute .

>>>Definite Article (The)  is is used before the nouns of (noun + of + noun) and (adjective + noun) 

- Examples : 

👉 The United States of America -The United Arab Emirates - The United Kingdom.

>>>Definite Article (The)  is used before (cinema / theater) : 

👉 She is listening to the radio .

👉 We went to the cinema last week . 

3- Do not use Articles with 0:

👉 Abstract Words : " Life - Death "
👉 Names of school subjects
👉 Languages , nationalities 
👉 Countries , cities , lakes , when you talking about thing in general .

- Examples : 

👉 Camilla is my best friend.
👉 I am travelling to Rome next week.
👉 I live in France.
👉 She speaks English well.
👉 It’s time to go to bed now.
👉 Come on! Let’s go home.

-We don't use articles .

4- Articles - Indefinite and Definite Article Examples:


👉 There are two eggs in the fridge .
👉 Did you clean the car.
👉 I have found the book I lost.
👉 The capital of France is Paris .


👉 She ordered a drink 
👉 I was born in a beautiful city.

👉 have you got a pen ?

👉 John had an omelette for lunch.

4- Articles - Indefinite and Definite Article Exercises :

 Articles - Indefinite and Definite Article - Grammar Quiz :

  1. ------ capital of Italy is Rome

  2. The

  3. Did you clean ------car

  4. an

  5. He goes to -----school the school is far from her home

  6. a

  7. -----rose is the sweetest of all flowers

  8. a

  9. She is listening to-----music.

  10. an

  11. He is -----best person I have seen

  12. a

  13. He ordered ----------drink

  14. a

  15. My mother is--- cooking lunch.

  16. 0

  17. I see -------moon .

  18. a

  19. I see -----stars in the sky

  20. an