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Adverbs of Place and Direction -Examples and Exercises

Adverbs of Place and Direction

1- Adverbs of Place and Direction in English:

-Adverb of Place tell us the circumstances of the place where something happens. And usually takes place after the main verb or after the object

Examples :

- Camilla is going to hotel .

-Often, accompanied by circumstance place prepositions such as :

About - Around- Behind  -  by - down - in - to - on - under - over - out - away back - through - up - everywhere - near    

2- Adverbs of Place and Direction Examples :

- There is an banana on the table.

- The girl is sitting under the boy.

- It’s raining outside.

- It is there on my desk. .

- The pen was here on the table

3- Adverbs of Place and Direction Exercises:

Adverbs of Place and Direction - Grammar Quiz

  1. Let's go---------

  2. under

  3. the bedroom is --------

  4. back

  5. he has not been ------

  6. here

  7. you must walk ------- home.

  8. turn

  9. It’s raining -------.

  10. upstairs

  11. I couldn't find my sister -------

  12. anywhere

  13. There are two kitchen --------.

  14. under

  15. The pencil was -------- on my desk.

  16. back

  17. Don’t go ------- mad.

  18. here

  19. She is playing tennis-------.

  20. outside