The Simple Past Of The Verb “ To Be”

The Simple Past Of The Verb “ To Be”

1- The Form of The  Simple Past  of the Verb “To be’’ 





I       was

He   was

She  was

It      was

You  were

We  were

They were

Was I ?

Was  he ?

Was  she ?

Was  it ?

Were you ?

Were we ?

Were they ?

I   was not

He was not

She was not

It  was not

You were not

We were not

They were not


2- The Uses Of The Simple Past  Tense:

1- The simple past is used principally to describe events in the past.

Note 1: Wasn’t : is the short form of = was not.

Note 1: Weren’t : is the short form of = were not


-My father was in Japan in 2005

- He was my boyfriend

- Was Sarah with you ?

- Were you together?

- She was my best friend

- I was not in Japan in 2005

- Adam wasn’t my boyfriend

- We were not in Iceland

- They weren’t together 
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