The Past Continuous Tense

The Past Continuous Tense

1- The Form of The Past Continuous Tense: 




was playing    

He   was playing

She  was playing 

It  was playing 

You  were playing

We  were playing

They were playing

Was I playing?

Was he playing?

Was she playing?

Was it playing?

were you playing ?

were we playing ?

were they playing

I   was not playing

He was not playing

She was not playing

It  was not playing

You were not playing

We were not playing

They were not playing

2- The Uses Of The Past Continuous  Tense:

1-The Past Continuous tense expresses action at 

particular moment in the past. The action started 

before that moment but has not finished at that moment.

For example :

-       It was snowing at 7 am yesterday

2- When a short action took place, at a very precise moment

Here is an example:

-       Sarah was sleeping when the phone range

-       We were watching a movie when he arrived

3-When we use the Past Continuous tense, our listener 

usually knows or understands what time we are talking 


For examples:

-       My mother was cooking when I telephoned her

-       We were having breakfast when it started to snow

*Past Continuous + Past Simple:

4-We often use the Past Continuous tense with the Past 

Simple tense.

- We use the Past Continuous to express a long action. And 

we use the Past Simple to express a short action that 

happens in the middle of the long action.

 -We can join the two ideas with when or while.

Following this example:

-I was cooking when you telephoned.

    -       When you telephoned I was cooking

   -       While I was cooking  you telephoned.

   -       While  you telephoned I was cooking.

Note :

 -While + long action ( Past Continuous )

-When + short action ( Past Simple)

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