Reciprocal Pronouns

Reciprocal Pronouns 

We use reciprocal pronouns when each of two or more 

subjects is acting in the same way towards to other

For example:

A is talking to B , and B is talking to A’’

So we say :

-A and B are talking to each other

-        The action is ‘ reciprocated ’ .

Sarah talks to Adam and Adam talks to Jack .

I give you a present and you give me a present

For example :

-       The dog bites the cat and the cat bites the dog .

They are only two reciprocal pronouns , and they are both two words :

1.   Eachother

2.One another

When we use these reciprocal pronouns :

-         There must be two or more people , groups or things 

invovled ( so we can not use reciprocal pronouns with I , you , 

he , she , it)

-       They must be doing the same thing

Look at these examples :

-We gave each other gifts.

-They can not see each other

-Sarah and Adam love each other

-Why do not trust each other ?

Note :

-You probably notice that each other is used in more 

examples above than one another , that’s because in 

general we use each other more than one another , which 

sounds a little formal .

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