Food and Drink Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

Food and Drink Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

This is a list of idioms about food and drink :

have your cake and eat it too
all one’s eggs in one basket
apple of somebody's eye
bad egg
banana repulic
bear fruit
below the salt
Big Apple
big cheese
bring home the bacon
butter up
carrot and stick
chew the cud
chew the fat
come to fruition
cool as a cucumber
couch potato
cream of the crop
eat humble pie
eye candy
Food for thought
a bunch of baloney
a finger in every pie
a hard nut to crack
a load of baloney
Forbidden fruit
get out of a jam
go bananas
have egg on one's face
Hot potato
a lot of baloney
a peach
a rotten egg
a smart cookie
apple of your eye
bad egg
bean counter
big cheese
bring home the bacon
cool as a cucumber
couch potato
duck soup
eat humble pie
eat your words
egg on
fall off the wagon
fed up
from soup to nuts
full of baloney
full of beans
full of bologna
get a buzz on
ham it up
have two bites of the same cherry
hit the bottle
hit the bottle
in a pickle
in a stew
like two peas in a pod
not your cup of tea
nuts about
In a nutsheel
into a jam
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