Clothes Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

Clothes Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

This is a list of idioms about clothes :

throw your hat into the ring
tighten your belt
under one's belt
all hat and no cattle
at the drop of a hat
be in somebody's shoes
birthday suit
boots on the ground
light skirt
lose your shirt
pass the hat around
put yourself in someone's shoes
Clothes make the man
fill someone's shoes
handle someone with kid gloves
hat in hand
have a card up your sleeve
I'll eat my hat
if the shoe fits, wear it
in someone's pocket
laugh up your sleeve
lick someone's boots
quake in one's boots
step into somebody's shoes
take one's hat off to someone
the boot is on the other foot
talk through one's hat
the men in grey suits
wait for the other shoe to drop
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