Body Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

Body Idioms List – Idiomatic Expressions

This is a list of idioms about body :

a heel
a kick in the guts
a kick in the stomach
a kick in the seat
a thorn in your flesh
a thorn in your side
a weight off your shoulders
back against the wall
back off
back to the wall
bee's knees
behind someone's back
bend over backwards
break a leg
butterflies in your stomach
by the skin of your teeth
don't hold your breath
feeling in your bones
get back
get in someone's hair
get it off your chest
get off someone's back
get out of someone's hair

shake a leg
slap in the face
stick your neck out
strike a nerve
take your breath away
throw someone a bone
touch a nerve
turn the other cheek
turn your stomach
vent your spleen
waste your breath
watch your butt
get under someone's skin
give the cold shoulder
go the way of all flesh
hard to swallow
have a chip on your shoulder
have a leg up

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