Differences Between Written And Spoken English

Written English and spoken English are different because they 

serve different purposes.

 Here is some examples:

1- Writing is a permanent record. It needs to be clear, accurate 

and precise enough to stand the test of many readings .

2- Writing is a one way process of communication. 

In conversation, there is always the opportunity to check that the 

meaning is clear.

3- A writer does not have a captive audience. He or she needs to 

maintain the reader’s interest.

So, when you write, always write in full complete sentences. 

Choose words carefully. Use words which are clear, well-defined, 

and commonly used.

 Make every sentence carry some specific meaning. Many

conversational phrases are time-fillers. Do not use colloquialism 

and informal language .

 For example:  

-‘The argument doesn’t hold  water’, and ‘It boils down toJ’ Vary 

the length of sentences. Do not commence sentences with the 

same words, and use synonyms or different expressions if it’s 

unavoidable that certain words are used frequently

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