How to Apologize ?


*Do you have an apology to make?

*have you been late in saying thank you to  a invitation or a gift?

*Have you damged someone else's property?

*Have you been unable to keep an appointment or promise?

*Has your child misbehaved?

A-Guidelines for Writing Apologies:

1- Explain what  you will do to correct the 
mistake and assure the person that this will 
not happen again

2-Reread the letter to check your grammar,tone  and spelling

3-Do not blame on other person and do not 
blame problems on computer errors or carelessness

4- Write as soon as possible after the incident

5- Apologize, but do not go averboard by 
saying " I am very,very, very sorry" keep it 
simple and to point

6-Summarize what you are apologize for, and apologize only for the particular problem

7- Do not express feelings of guilt

8- Thank the person for bringing the problem to your attention if you were unaware of the situation

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