How to Write a Research Proposal ?

How to Write a Research Proposal ?;postID=8284892937182253389

1-Definition of search

- Search is the in-depth knowledge of any 

subject and search for the truth, in order to 

detect and display them in an orderly way 

contribute to the enrichment of our 


2-Types of research:

 - There are three levels of research:

A-Short research on the first college level 

(bachelor's), which is usually called the 

term (Term Paper) goal is that the student 

delve deeper into the study of a particular 

subject, and do not get new information, 

and are trained in the use of sources of 

information printed and non-printed, and 

then analyse and access to results. 

This research is usually short of 10-40 


B-Advanced-level research thesis and 

called (Master Thesis) which is a long 

search somewhat contributes to add 

something new to the subject of 


C-Advanced-level research doctoral thesis 

(Doctoral Dissertation), a comprehensive 

and integrated search for a college 


Required to be a new and integral and 

contribute to add something new to 


How to Write a Research Paper in 4 Easy Steps
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