How to Write a Research Paper in 4 Easy Steps?

How to Write a Research Paper in 4 Easy Steps?

1- Selected courses - choose a topic the 

first step and the starting point in the 

writing of the research. It is important to 

choose the topic raises interestresearcher 

and supervisor alike. It must be 

thesubject of research specific and 

narrow and not years, to write any search 

at one point, or a specific aspect.

 2- Find sources and references: - before 

writing any research must gather the 

necessary and sufficient references on the 

subject. It does not benefit from a good 

topic has no references. The reading 

References available necessary to develop 

a program of readings and taking notes. A 

list of references and sources include the 


*General Encyclopedias

*Specialized encyclopedias

*Indexes periodicals

*The books

 *Journal articles, newspapers, paper and 

 *Internet to search for information and 
sources of information in a very important 
and modernity.

3-Identify the main sources of information:

 - Here begins the researcher using equal-

sized cards to his research, the allocation 

of a single card for each point of the 

important points, codifies the important 

study information, whether it's (a) 

through quotation or (b) summarize the 

ideas with the source constantly ie: the 

author's name, title of the article or book, 

and Page, publisher and data publication 

and publication year, on one of the 

corners of the card, and this will be 

important when making the final 

bibliography Search

4-All and organizing ideas: - After 

collecting enough information on the 

subject of research, research papers are 

arranged according to the sequence of the 

main ideas. Then the researcher familiar 

becomes somewhat aspects of its subject 

and therefore develop a plan or years 

structure temporarily for consideration, 

which takes into account the logical order 

serial correlation between its parts and 

chooses his brief title and clear, that this 

plan will be subject to adjustment to 

delete and add later. Then start typing 

search advisement and accuracy first 

draft, and according to the plan, which 

put them in the beginning and that 

includes the following parts of the major 


A-Introduction: - the main door leading 

into it to heart of the matter, and include 

the following points: -

B-Tenderloin or content - which is the 

main part of any research, and represents 

the substance because it contains the bulk 

of the information that was presented and 

give an opinion on them in the form of 

chapters or sections.

C-Conclusion: - It is the outcome of 

research and come in another research, 

and embody the final findings of the 

researcher, where the reader is able to 

see through it added the researcher on 

the subject.

D-List of Tables: - If included search of 

statistical tables.

E-Supplements: - If ensures Find some 

questionnaires or important documents.

F-List References: - the researcher to 

prepare two lists: one in Frensh, and the 

second in English, each separately, and 

that these lists include books, articles and 

other sources used when writing his 

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