What are TheThings That May Lead to Poor Memory?

What are TheThings That May Lead to 

Poor Memory?


*Enabled for certain medications that 

cause  memory impairment or loss: such 

 as tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, 

sleeping pills, and anti-anxiety, especially 

that DDT (benzoadiazepinics) include the 

(Diazpien) (Valium) and (lorazepan) and 

some high blood pressure medicines may 

cause memory problems, and even 


*The alcoholism and alcohol one of the 

factors most critical in influencing 

memory, by article alcohol specifically 

interfere with short-term memory, where 

impair the ability to retain new 

information, studies have shown that even 

eating low amounts of alcohol during one 

week full interfere with the ability to 

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It is well known that smoking reduces the 

amount of oxygen to the brain hyphen, 

and thus affect memory, studies have 

shown that individuals smokers compared 

with non-smokers, suffer from difficulties 

in remembering people's faces and names 

in the oral and visual tests.

The coffee and tea for the two very 

positive impact in maintaining vigilance 

and the expulsion of sleepiness, but the 

extra excitement caused by these drinks 

that may interfere with the function of 

memory cells as a result of excessive and 

constant lookout.

Finally, remember that the human 

is the past and the future together,  by 

yourself and do not even come on stand in 

front of the mirror and ask:

See .. Where did you see that person 

standing there!
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