How to Write a Biography (Simple Steps)

How to Write a Biography (Simple Steps).;postID=7295229550542414723

1-What Does Biography Mean?

*A biography is simply the story of a life

Biographies can be just a few sentences 

long, or they can fill an entire book - or 


A- Very short biographies tell the basic 

facts of someones life and importance 

B- Longer biographies include that basic 

information of course ,with a lot of more 

detail , but they also tell a good story

Biographers use primary and secondary 


1-Primary sources are things like 

letters,diaries or news paper accounts

2-Secondary  sources are include other 

biographies , reference books or histories 

that provide information about the 

subject of the biography

*To Write a Biography you should:

*Select a person you are interested in

Find out the basic facts of the person's life 

Think about what else you would like to 

konw about the person,and what parts of 

the life you want to write most about

Some question you might want to think 

about include :

1-What makes this person specail or 


2-What kind of the effect did he or she 

have on the world

3-What are adjectives you would most use 

to describe the person

4-What examples from their life illustrate 

those qualities

5-What events shaped or changed this 

person's life

6-Did he or she overcome obstacles ?take 

risks?get lucky?

7-Would the world be better or worse if 

this person hadn't lived ? How and why?

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