How to Make Offers in English?

How to Make Offers in English?

Making Offers

*It is common for English speakers make 

presentations at talks in order to be polite 

and helpful.

 When they do so using these phrases:

*Can I… ?

*Shall I… ?

*Would you like … ?

*How about ...?

1-Making offers:

*Would you like a juice ?

*I can help you ?


get you some coffee?

*How about 

some pasta?

*Would you like me open the window?


A-Would you like… is followed either by a 

noun, or by the verb with to


*Would you like some coffee ?

*Would you like to drink some cola ?

B-Shall, can and will are followed by the 

verb without to


*Can I help you 

Shall is more formal than can )

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