There are different ways to greet people:

*Greeting means inviting somebody with 

specific words or a specific activity. 

At the point when meeting individuals 

At the point when meeting individuals 

formally surprisingly, we welcome by 

shaking hands and saying "How would you 

do?" or "Satisfied to meet you." 

"How do you do?" isn't generally an 

inquiry, it simply signifies "Hello". 

1-Greeting :

 *Hi, hello.

*Good morning, good afternoon, good 


   * How are you doing?

   *How are you?

   *How do you do?

2-Responding to greeting:

*Hi, hello.

*Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening.

*I'm fine thank you (thanks)/Okey! Thank you 

(thanks)/Can't complain/Not bad.

*How about you?/And you?

*How do you do?


"How do you do?" means "Hello".

(Is not a question)

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