All Idioms on Love & Relationships ( Part2) - Idiomatic Expressions

All Idioms on Love & Relationships

-Good together: to be able to get along well with each 


-Go out with someone: to go on a data or to be dating 


-Have a thing for someone: to be attracted and care 

about someone

-Head over heels on love with someone : to be very much 

love with some one to be completely in love

-Hung up on : to be obsessed with anther person, to 

be interested in anther person

-Kiss and make up: to become friends again after a fight

-Made for each other: to get along extremely well with 

another person

 -A match made in heaven: a couple who get along 


-On the rocks: To be in a state of difficulty , to be having 


-The one for someone: the right partner 

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