5- Activities That Help To Improve Your Memory ?

5- Activities That Help To Improve Your 
                       Memory ?

1-Much Memory Usage

Use your memory to the maximum degree 

possible, and learn every day a new 

challenge, so if you're working in, for 

example, office, learn basketball, and if 

you are an artist, learn to deal with the 

computer, and if you work in sales, learn 

to play chess, it works to stimulate the 

electrical circuits nerve in the brain for 

further growth and activity, which helps 

to improve memory, and through the 

development of new mental skills, 

particularly complex that is like learning a 

new language or learning to play a new 

musical instrument, the constant 

challenge for your brain with puzzles and 

games, can keep your mind active and 

improves the performance of physiological

and tried to bring some fun in the daily 

exercises such as crossword puzzles  and 

other games that are easy to download to 

your mobile phone, which you can 

exercise for a few minutes a day.

Check this:      English Apps 


No one can deny the preferred sport in 

improving memory, sports exercise

regular improved blood circulation and 

efficiency in all parts of the body-

including .

Mind- can help ward off memory loss that 

accompanies ageing, exercise also 

increases the ability to pay attention, as 

well as relaxation, and thus improve the 

brain's ability to absorb the best 

temporary memory, which increases the 

ability to be retrieved when needed again.

3-Practise of Meditation

Try to practise meditation, where 

research indicates that people who 

meditate regularly are able to focus 

better, perhaps thanks to mindfulness  

(also known as awareness or insight 

meditation), a type common practise in 

Western countries, which are easy to 

learn, where studies show that meditation 

strengthens the brain cortex by increasing 

blood flow to that area, the researchers 

believe that this can enhance attention 

span, concentration and memory in 


4- Give Time to The Formation of Memory

-Always try to give yourself time to form a 

memory, those memories very fragile 

called quite some time term - like a phone 

number you take it off of someone or put 

your key in place of% PW need to be no 

more than an event occurs (IE, without 

thinking of other things with it) when do 

to avoid their own memory loss before 

storing, and is only a few minutes.

Repeat things to learn, if your colleague 

said the new name or a friend's birthday 

feast your favorite, do repeat it 3 to 4 

times, either silently or aloud, and tried 

to write it, then a good way to recover 

short-term memory in particular.

5-Proper Sleep

-Be sure to sleep well, research has 

reported that sleep affects the brain's 

ability to remember information learned 

recently, Getting a good night's sleep 

Minimum seven hours every AL- improve 

short-term memory and long-term 

memory, so to be able to build good 

memory, it is necessary to allow the brain 

to take enough sleep and rest, during 

sleep  cut off communication between the 

brain and all the senses, which is an 

important period for the revision and 

memory storage.
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