How To Write A Book Review ? P2

How To Write A Book Review ?

In the first part of :

We talked about :

Today we will complete this lesson

Let's start:

*The three essential steps in writing a 

 review are : 

1-Introuduction / presentation

*The title of the book ( What talk about )

The Author's name ( with some 

background information, if it is nessearry

for understanding the book)

*What type of literature (It is fiction,a 

novel,short story.....)

2-Main Section-Setting,Summary,Main Characters

*The Setting (Where and when do the 

events described in the book take place   )

*The Plot (Briefly mention some of the 

main events , don't go into details

Use present tenses such as (To be about)

*The Main Characters(Who are they ?how 

does the outher decribe  and treat them ?

Do the change or develop throughout the 

book ?)

3-The Critical Analysis 

*The important problems or themes the 

book touches upon

*The message of the book ( What does the 

author want to say )

*Most attractive and unattractive scenes 

that caught your attention

*Your personal opinion of the book

*Make a recommendation (is it worth 


I hope that the lesson has been useful

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