Warning:To use the phone in the dark leads to disease

To use the phone in the dark leads to disease


Who among us did not use the mobile as it 

is near distances contact between humans 

and each other, but that the use of mobile 

carries many health risks, and these risks 

is to look at the mobile in the dark leads 

to the exposure of a person to blindness.

Where he was young Chinese for the 

separation of the retina can lose 

consideration for life as a result of the use 

of the phone in the dark for more than 

four hours a day.

Doctors who diagnose his condition on the 

need for urgent surgery to fix the problem 

and he and the lack of this surgery 

immediately can this person affects the 

blind where he suffered this young man 

over several days of flashes of light sends 

the eye and the separation of the retina 


This is well known that the retina is very 

sensitive to light because it sends 

messages to the brain via the optic nerve.

All doctors have confirmed that modern 

technology devices such as PC, Tablet PC 

and mobile and other devices represent a 

serious source of the eyes of its users.

One eye surgeons noted that myopia 

among young people increased rates on a 

daily basis because of talking like mobile 

and laptop computer and especially in the 

dark tech devices.

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