The Myth of Sleep Paralysis Causes and How To Eliminate of It ?

The Myth of Sleep Paralysis Causes and 

How To Eliminate of It ?;postID=1041852449529298050

Do you wake up one day to sleep and you 

feel you can not completely movement? Is 

the time I was terrified and did not even 

able to ask for help? It is a symptom of a 

sleep disorder called sleep paralysis.

 The scientific definition of Incubus he 

case of asphyxia, the inability to move 

during sleep .

This phenomenon is interpreted as being 

medically temporary paralysis in the body, 

called Sleep Paralysis. It is a terrifying 

experience for some occur during sleep. 

And its symptoms can be summarized in 

the inability to move the body or one of 

its members at the beginning of sleep or 

when you wake up. It can also be 

accompanied by a frightening 


It takes the symptoms of sleep paralysis of 

seconds to several minutes, during which 

some patients trying to ask for help or 

even to cry; but to no avail, and the 

symptoms disappear with the passage of 

time or when contact with infected by this 

phenomenon to any person or when there 

is noise. 

Studies have shown that 2% of people 

exposed to the sleep paralysis at least 

once a month. This disease may affect one 

at any age.

 And exposed to 12% of the people of 

these symptoms for the first time during 


The explanation for this phenomenon is 

mentioned in ancient myths that the Sleep 

Paralysis is a nightmare or a heavy person 

is like a nightmare. In myths Oho demon 

lover take the form of a male and raping 

women in their sleep. In the Western 

canon heritage that Sleep Paralysis was an 

angel expelled from Paradise because of 

excessive lust. And sometimes take the 

form of a man known to the woman. Thus 

pasting by the rape charge. They advise 

women that the mark that divide Sleep 

Paralysis about the real person is sinking 

every home residents in deep drowsiness 

moment emergence of Sleep Paralysis

In the history of this phenomenon has not 

been proven any deaths occurring during 

sleep paralysis, veil barrier is not 

affected, and remains normal breathing as 

well as the level of oxygen in the blood .. 

and when more people with this condition 

have sleep paralysis only offer, but in 

some cases, be accompanied by disorder 

last named bouts drowsiness or sleep 


And sleep-compulsive disorder is 

characterized by sleep attacks is 

resistance can not be controlled from 

sleepiness affects the patient to sleep. 

Patients with sleep paralysis associated 

with sleep-compulsive need to consult a 

doctor and medical follow-up for the 

treatment of sleep disorder.

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