Know The Weight of The Largest Horse in The World

Know The Weight of The Largest Horse in The World;postID=544020630400529612

If you are looking for a strong horse, 

there is no need for further research, 

"Brockie" is the biggest horse in the 

world over the centuries. When you 

see, like you would see in a horror 

movie flim of magnitude or like a 

moving display.

"Brockie" weight was 3,200 pounds 

and LED in 1928 reached the size of the 

upper part of it to 6 feet 6 inches. 

Wearing a white horse necklace 40 

inches and this size is larger than the 

size of men's pants. In addition to that, 

he needs to horseshoe of 30 inches per 


"Brockie" become a magnet for all 

individuals worldwide agent. Brockie 

died in 1948 at the age of twenty. And 

this age is less than the average age of 

the horse, which generally ranges 

between 25-30 years old. But Brocchi 

was suffering from a unique state of 

health of its kind.

Know the weight of the largest horse in 

the world

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