How to Get Rid of Sleep Paralysis?

How to Get Rid of Sleep Paralysis?

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sleep paralysis, Is it a myth or reality with 

the interpretation of the phenomenon and 

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How to Get Rid of Sleep Paralysis?

Doctors are advised not to look at the 

sleep paralysis as a serious disease, but it 

is merely mostly a phenomenon of sleep 

known. There is no evidence of direct or 

cause the death threat, due to the 

continuation of the diaphragm muscle 

performance and stability of the 

respiratory function and oxygen 

saturation. Therefore, most of the 

episodes of sleep paralysis do not need a 

specific treatment, Most of them are rare, 

and only need to reassure the patient, and 

explain the nature of the disorder.

To reduce the likelihood of theoccurrence 

of this phenomenon doctors are advised to 

follow the following:

*During a state of paralysis, the person is 

advised of trying to move the muscles of 

the face and the eyes move from side to 


*Try to reduce the pressure on .

*Try to get enough sleep .

*Keep a regular sleep schedule and wake up.

Some hypotheses says that sleeping on the 

side may help get rid of these seizures.

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