Future Perfect

Future Perfect



I will have worked

You will have worked

He  will have worked

She will have worked

It  will have worked

We    will have worked

They  will have worked

Negative :

I will not have gone

You will not have gone

He will not have gone

She will not have gone

It will not have gone

We will not have gone

They will not have gone


Will I have eaten ?

Will you have eaten?

Will she have eaten?

Will he have eaten?

Will it have eaten?

Will we have eaten?

Will they have eaten?

1-Future Perfect form :

Will +Have +Past Participle

2-When do we use Future Perfect ?

A- We "Future Perfect " to discribe an 

event that has not happened yet , but 

will be completed before a partition 

time in the future 

B- Before a specific moment or before 

action takes place

Look at this examples:

*I will have bought a car, by the end of March

*I will have finished ,by 12am

*He will have done his project,by the time we 


*We will have left For Paris,by this time 


Note :

2ed action is always in the present 

 Look at:   The Present Simple


We sometimes use Shall instead of 

Will,especially for I and 

let's do this Exercise together

What will have happened to you in 5 years 

time ?

*In 5 years time i will have visited many 


What about you ? ( leave you' re ansewer in 

comment )

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