Don't Underestimate The Paper Wound

Don't Underestimate The Paper Wound;postID=5320381473319928231

The pain that we feel after exposure to 

wound a large paper ... but scientists have 

revealed the truth about the reasons 

behind it!

The wound caused by paper or what is 

known as Pal Paper Cut the most sensitive 

nerve cells in our body, according to the 

site revealed Scientific American.

 This wound is not clean as it seems, 

although the paper caused only a small 

wound, but they leave chemical molecules 

within the skin's sensitivity to cause 


And because the paper does not have a 

large wound usually do not bleed too 

much finger, the nerve cells and tissues 

remain exposed to the bacteria and every 

time we move our hand will open the 

wound again annoying than neurons.

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