A List of the 10 idioms (part 1) - Idiomatic Expressions

A List of the 10 idioms (part 1)

1-Work like a charm :  Works  too hard

2-Dead wood : People or things which are not  useful or 


3- Separate sheep from goats : Examining a group of 

people and deciding their suitability

4- Sail through something : Start  successful in doing 

something easy

5- Think on your feet : Adjusting quickly to changes

6- Back-room boys: People who perform hard work 

but have no contact with the public.

7-Plum job: Desirable position which is well-paid and 

considered relatively easy .

8- Cut the ground from under feet :

When you cut the ground from under someone's feet, you 

do something which weakens their position.

9-Get the axe : lose the job.

10- Golden handshake : Big sum of money given to a 

person when they leave a company .

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