10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health ( Belive it or not )

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health


Belive it or not, you can greatly improve 

your health in these ten simple ways :

1-Eat Breakfast

Breakfast gives you energy for the morning

2- Go For a Walk

Walking is good exercise,and exercise is 

necessary for good health

3-Floss Your Teeth

Don't just brush them flossing keeps your 

gums healthy

4-Drink Eight Cups of Water Every Day

water helps your body in many ways

5-Stretch for Five Minutes

Stretching is important for your muscles

6-Wear a Seat Belt

Every year seat belts save thousands of 


7- Do Something to Challenge Your Brain

For example, do a crossword puzzle or 

read a new book

8-Moistuzie Your Skin and Use Sunscreen

9- Get Enough Calcium

Your bones need it Yogurt and milk have 

calcium or drink orange juice with calcium 


10-Take a "Time out"-a Break of about 


Do something different ,for example, get 

up and walk;or sit down and listen to music

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