Who is The Smartest Person in the World Today?

Who is The Smartest Person in the World Today?


Human intelligence is measured by IQ and IQ rate marks and 

points collected in these tests tests. Once we know that 50% of 

people have access to mark ranging between 90-110, it means 

that anyone who gets on top of the 110 to be his intelligence is 

above average. And gets 0.05% of the people on the superiority 

of the 140 mark, while getting 2.5% to less than 70 who are less 


By IQ tests scores, the American Australian Terence Tao, 37, 

the smartest in the world and is considered a mark of 230.

At two years old, when any normal child begins to learn to 

walk and pronunciation ,  was able to do basic calculations. At 

the age of nine Jintao was taking special math college and 

earned a doctorate at the age of twenty. When he was 24 years 

old, became the youngest professor in history.

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