What Is A Noun And What Kinds Of It ?

What Is A Noun 


What Kinds Of It ?

        1-What is a noun ?

A noun is a word that used as name of a 

person- animal - anything - place - plant - 



* Thing  - Women - Ruler

* Man - Boy - Gril

*Door - Book - Map

            2- Kinds of noun : 

A-Common noun:

- Common noun is a name given in common to every preson 

or thing of the same class or kind 


*Animals , Girls , Teachers , Pens

 -Boys are  palying football 

- My handbag

- My laptop

B- Proper noun :

- Proper noun is a name of a particular person 
or a place

Examples : 

Saraha is my best friend 

Beirut is the capital of my country

C- Pronoun 

Ali is a handsome boy    _   He is a handsome boy 

Ali is a hardworking boy _ He is  a hardworking boy 

D-Abstract Noun:

* Hope - 

 Courage - 

E-Collective Noun :

Crowd - 

Herd - 



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