What Are The Best Methods To Establish A Good Student In The Subject Of English?

What Are The Best Methods To Establish A 

Good Student In The Subject Of English?


There are two ways to learn a foreign language or 

English :

1-The first way :

It followed a teach the letters and pictures and 

songs promotion

Then educated words and Keep it saves at the 

beginning of each word on a character even 

promote and increase his toll keepers of words

The next stage is to teach  the rules are simple example of 

syntax and prefers to explain to the composition in the 

two languages mother tongue English, the language 

learn English or that like, giving examples but 

Observe and patron to have memorized the words 

enough, specifically nouns and verbs are the main 

component of any incorrect phrase.

Phase, which is followed by giving examples of what has 

been studied through simple words and short 

sentences talks With time

 the student will gain the ability to save and write 

correct sentences later qualify to write an article 

and then cut

But the drawback of this method that the student can 

not  unless  that make  read and repeat the words and 

then making summits read short sentences and 

conversations with colleagues  well but unfortunately 

share time in schools is not enough for that, so this 

drawback .

2-The second way :

are a great way and the best, but not practical in our 

society because we are on the road for the first 

They teach English and foreign practice and through 

listening as we have learned to our mother tongue, 

we have gained the English language from our 

parents and our society does not need to get into the 

school to learn how to talk abroad are like us have 

learned the mother tongue in the same way this 

method will be more successful with adults is 

insisting either difficult young Simply because they 

need to assist the parties home and school means 

students learn in school, but must also parents 

exercise alongside the mother tongue of any mean 

that make dialogue in English and there is a site 

famous for the Academy  courses 

explain this method, so if you d more information 

you surf Academy site.

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