Important Warning to a Computer Laptop Users

Important Warning to a Computer Laptop Users

American family lost a son, the 25-year-old -

A son who just graduated from the university two weeks ago, 

he returned to the house and went to lunch with his father, 

then decided to return to clean up and arrange his room 

Father asked him to wait for his mother before he goes to the 

room, but decided to go .. shortly after saw the neighbors black 

smoke coming out of the room .. I He died with the 25-year-old 

son .. 3 days of searching for the causes of the fire

 which claimed the lives of the Son, and after three days 

Custom The reason the computer where it is used by the boy as 

the boy put the computer On the bed and stopped cooling fan 

subscripts in computer came out of it dense smoke contains 

carbon   son, who was asleep at the time dioxide.

Reason quoted for him this news from the New York Times 

that many of our sisters and our children Adau computer on 

the bed please, told them that there is a real danger of this and 

make it a base if not Put the computer on the bed blanket or 

carpet .. please publish it

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